A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You wake up in the Maze, head pounding. You don’t know why you are here; all you know is that you must escape before it’s too late. With horrendous creatures lurking in the shadows, the choices you make could prove deadly. Don’t Trust the Maze is a first-person horror/adventure visual novel where you pit yourself against the malevolent Maze and its tricks in an attempt to survive. You might choose your demise.

NOTE: This game is a demo. It is not fully built, but we hope to develop it further. Forgive any typos that may appear. This was originally a class project. 

Install instructions

1. Download the file type that matches your OS (operating system).
[ex. Windows, Mac, etc. - Follow the icons]
["win" = windows, "mac" = Mac, "PC" = others]

2. Unzip the newly downloaded file 
[you should be able to right click and choose "unzip" or something to that effect.]
[It should unzip into a folder.]

3. Open the folder and run the ".exe" file. 
[The one labeled "DontTrusttheMaze"]

4. Enjoy and let us know what you think! 


Don't Trust the Maze - Mac 70 MB
Don't Trust the Maze - PC 87 MB
Don't Trust the Maze - Windows 72 MB

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